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HOMETerms of Use

Terms of Use


These Terms of Use apply to this website ("the Website"), which was created and is administered by Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Gas Turbine Service Co., Ltd., ("the Company"), its affiliates, or its agents.
Please review these Terms of Use before using the Website. Your use of the Website signifies your acceptance of their provisions.

The Company makes changes the Website's Terms of Use from time to time. When it does so, it will post the latest edition of this document on the Website for your review.
The Website contains links to other websites operated by the Company, its affiliates, and other entities. Please note that use of those websites is subject to your acceptance of their respective terms of use.

1. Copyright and Trademark Right

The Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., and the Company's affiliates own the copyrights to all information on the Website, which is protected by copyright law in countries worldwide, international treaty, and other laws. Use of this information (including its duplication, modification, and distribution) beyond the scope of private, individual use and other uses permitted under copyright law without the prior approval of the Company is prohibited.
The trademarks, logos, and service marks used on the Website are the property of the Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., or the Company's affiliates. No license for these trademarks is granted to the user. Unauthorized use or reproduction of the trademarks on the Website is prohibited.

2. Prohibitions

The following conduct is prohibited when using the Website:

Conduct that harms or infringes on the property or privacy of a third party or the Company, or that may reasonably be feared to do so
Conduct that harms or damages a third party or the Company, or that may reasonably be feared to do so
Conduct that violates public standards of decency, or that may reasonably be feared to do so
Illegal acts and conduct leading to criminal acts, or that may be reasonably feared to do so
Conduct involving fraudulent declarations or applications, for example registration of another person's email address
Commercial activity, conduct intended to result in commercial gain, or conduct intended to prepare for the same
Conduct that undermines the reputation or trustworthiness of a third party or the Company
Conduct involving the use or provision of a harmful program such as a computer virus, or that may be reasonably feared to lead to the same
Other conduct that violates laws, ordinances, or regulations, or that may be reasonably feared to do so
Other conduct determined by the Company to be inappropriate

3. Exemptions (Warranty for Contents)

The Company exercises a high degree of care when placing information on the Website. However, the Company makes no guarantee concerning any aspect of the Website's content, including with regard to its accuracy, utility, reliability, suitability for use, or safety (including any guarantee that the content is free of errors, computer viruses, or other hazards). Furthermore, the Company is not liable for any damage arising from the use of the Website.
The Company may change the information on the Website without notice. Additionally, the Company may suspend or discontinue operation of the Website at any time. The Company is not liable for any damage arising from changes to the information on the Website or to the suspension or discontinuation of Website service, regardless of the reason(s) for which such action was taken.

4. Link Sites

Content provided by third-party websites operated by entities other than the Company that is accessible via links on the Website ("Linked Websites") is administered by its respective owners and is not under the management of the Company. Use of Linked Websites is subject to their respective terms of use. The Company is not liable for any damage arising from content on Linked Websites or its use.
Regardless of whether you do so as an individual or a corporation, you do not need to ask for permission to link to information on the Website (documents, images, etc.) as long as you agree to these Terms of Use and to the following terms governing links to content:
  • A.The Company is not liable for any damage arising from links to content on the Website.
  • B.The Company does not commit to maintaining the Website's content or URLs on a permanent basis. Content and URLs are subject to change without notice.
  • C.Links that infringe on the Company's rights or obstruct its business operations are strictly prohibited.
  • D.Inclusion of links on websites or in emails that include the following content is strictly prohibited:
    • Content that violates public standards of decency
    • Illegal content
    • Explicit content
    • Content that libels the Company or its affiliates
  • E.Inclusion of links to the Website does not signify or confer any contractual relationship with the Company.

5. How to Handle Personal Information on the Website

(1) Security in obtaining personal information

When acquiring personal information from the Website, the Company protects the integrity of that information by encrypting communications using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and other technologies. A standard technology for ensuring the safety of communications on Websites, SSL prevents monitoring of communications by encrypting entered data before it is sent via the Internet. Please note that you may not be able to access pages using SSL from browsers that do not support SSL or from corporate networks that have been configured with certain firewall or other settings.

(2) Collection of Browsing History

The Website may use access logs and a technology known as cookies in order to improve the usability of the Website and to capture browsing history data. Information gathered in this manner is only used to compile and analyze statistical data in order to improve the usability of the Website, assess how the Website is used, and plan and improve services.
While access logs include users' IP addresses and certain data about the computing environment in which they are using the Website, that information cannot be used to identify particular individuals. Although cookies, which provide technology that allows web servers to identify particular computers, can be used to identify your computer, they cannot be used to identify you as a person unless you enter your personal information.
You can configure your browser so that it rejects cookies or warns you before accepting cookies. You can continue to use the Website if you configure your browser to reject cookies, but you may be unable to use certain services on the Website.

(3) Others

The Company can neither guarantee nor be responsible for the safety of your personal information on websites operated by other companies to which links are provided on the Website. Questions and inquiries concerning the handling of personal information should be directed to the respective operators of those websites.

6. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Except as otherwise provided, use of the Website and interpretation and application of these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan.
Except as otherwise provided, the Kobe District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes concerning use of the Website.

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